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With everything going on in the world today, it is really important we are reminded of what really matters; family, health, love, kindness, and the unswerving opportunities to serve one another.


It is for this reason that our foundation was born. We are committed to helping vulnerable families and children access the resources and opportunities they need to build a better future. . Empowering, educating, and inspiring our young generation has become our primary objective. Thank You for your interest in our cause. 


Last year, we watched a viral video on social media that captured our hearts. The video showed a group of 20-30 children in a rural village in Ghana, sitting in a math class in a makeshift classroom constructed from palm tree branches. These future leaders sat on abandoned cement blocks for desks. It turns out that this classroom in its entirety stood as the only school available to these children in the rural village located in Ghana West Africa.


We were moved to do something about this. Shortly after, we were able to find Dadome basic primary school in the village of Mepe, which had very similar circumstances.


We contacted the school’s principal/headmaster and requested for a "need list". They needed school uniforms, backpacks, notebooks, shoes, technology devices, and a library. We founded a non-profit and began our campaign to raise funds for this school. We made it our mission to empower, educate and inspire children and youth from developing communities. Through support from generous Utah donors, we were able to gather 80 pairs of shoes, 60 backpacks, 150 notebooks, and various school essentials.


Additionally, we raised funds just under $3000 which helped us provide construction materials used to refurbish 3 classrooms with wall paintings, doors, window repairs, and educational art Mural installations.

We involved the school children in this project, and it turned out to be a very inspiring and powerful project. The children participated joyfully in the 3 classroom paintings and the installation of inspirational art murals on the side of the school building. They also drew ABCs, animal paintings, numbers, and then added their favorite inspirational quotes on the classroom walls.


Unfortunately, our funds were only able to stretch so far. So with your help, we could serve all 600 kids at the school from k-12. This year, we want to go back to the same school and show the children the meaning of "stick-to-itty" - the power of sticking to the idea of completing meaningful projects. We aim to serve the remainder of the student population at the Dadome basic school.


We can't do this alone. We are counting on changemakers everywhere to assist us with this noble cause we have chosen to align ourselves with. We just want to make a positive impact on these kids' lives. Locally, we focus on the low-income, refugee and underserved communities that need academic and educational resource assistance. With a focus on STEAM, we seekout volunteers in the community to assist with afterschool enrichment activities to keep our dreamers engaged and inspired to keep learning. 


Furthermore, as a Utah-based 501 c3 non-profit charity organization, our "do-more-project" volunteer abroad program has provided academic assistance and youth development to these 80 children in Ghana. We are seeking to provide supplementary activities including tutoring, internet access, life skills workshops, and active discussions to the youth for college and high school preparation. In Utah, through partnerships with other local non-profit groups, we have developed youth entrepreneurship programs to serve the local youth community, giving a basic understanding of how to approach research, prototyping, and pitching a business idea by the end of the workshop.


As part of our annual volunteerism program, Dreamers Wish Foundation provides service opportunities for Utah volunteers to work in schools in developing communities. In this year's campaign, we have a larger challenge in restoring 6 classrooms for 600 ambitious and talented children and youth in rural Ghana.


We would like to focus much on generating resources to support STEAM (Science, Technology, Art, and Math) activities, as well as literacy intervention. It is our mission to carry out 5 major life-changing service projects that will promote quality education and re-engage lifelong learning opportunities for students, teachers, and volunteers. Our projects this year are as follows:


1. Install a computer lab with 20 laptop/desktop computers

2. Provide reading materials - School/Library Books 

3. Refurbish 60-year-old school building for k-12 classrooms 

4. Teach life skills workshops 

5. Install 1 playground and donate school essentials i.e. backpacks, books, pencils, etc 


With your kind assistance, we can accomplish our mission of making quality education accessible in under-served and under-resourced communities. Any help you can provide us would be greatly appreciated

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