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Local Projects

Student Ambassador PRogram

Through the Dreamers Wish Student Ambassador Program, Utah high School and College Students can sign up to serve kids and peers in mentorship roles. Those with strong analytical, leadership, teamwork , creative and problem-solving skills will be given the opportunity to work with other kids from low-income, refugee and underserved communities. Mentorship can happen virtually or at the UNP Hartland center in salt lake. This will create community engagement and inspire future leaders to become familiar with project development and peer-peer(p2p) mentorship. Student ambassadors will also be given the opportunity to travel abroad with the Dream Team of changemakers on our humanitarian impact projects in Ghana and Kenya.



Offers free dance lessons from internationally trained dance instructors in the Latin and afro dance disciplines: Salsa, bachata, Kizomba, and Samba. Currently serving the adult and youth population from  Salt Lake, Weber, Davis, Utah, and counties. We have partnered with EM dance company in Ogden, Tushar Brazilian restaurant and Duvin Pintor Art Gallery space to offer classes to folks who live in the various counties. Volunteers will receive unique dance instructions that will intoduce them to a new skilll and can also prepare them to become instructors in their various communities as well. This is a fun environment that brings the community together. For non-dancers, this will offer great lessons that will give exposure. We are presently seeking dance spaces to partner with us where we can cater to the children and youth after school or on weekends. Suggestions and ideas are welcomed. Currently seeking volunteer assistance to help us plan and expand our reach to various underserved communities in Utah as well.

You can also sign up for private lessons if you need

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365 Poetry Workshop

In partnership with the 365 Poetry group, we teach children and youth interested in creative writing and literature. Our workshops will empower kids to become orators and bold writers. This will improve self-confidence and inspire a new generation of poets.



We work with local non-profit groups like the International Rescue Commitee to determine what  supplies are needed in order to raise funds for the families involved.  We organise compaigns to meet the needs of the children and youth in order to support their education throughout the school year. 

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This is a partnership hybrid fundraiser event with the supplies for kids for a better future non-profit group. This event will share the international arts and flavor from the Brazilian and African communities. Attendees, attend a cultural day celebration where Brazilian culture and African culture is showcased. There will entertainment from both cultures as well as ethnically diverse foods, goods, and services by local and international artisans.  Volunteers will have the opportunity to help with the planning and execution of this event. Management roles as well as all other aspects of program building roles will be available.

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Support our Volunteer PROGRAM 

volunteer funds go towards providing necessary compensation for our volunteers who have the time to help but need a little support themselves for transportation to and from events and activities where their impact is felt the most.  Much of this support goes towards providing merchandise like ambassador T-shirts and outfits to make it easy for our volunteers to represent our organization in the schools and villages we serve. Everyone can help one way or another. Give your time, resources and funds where they can used to do the most good. 


Student Ambassador PRogram

This program involves matching community volunteers with families to help children with schoolwork and general English learning. We would love to have kits that we could give to these families, that would help the volunteers to have more materials to help the kids.

You can support us with your gifts of backpacks and school supplies to refugee families in Salt Lake County

Supply Kits:

Tote bag for supplies
1. White board & dry erase markers nothing larger than 17 x 23
2. ELL Workbooks (an example of one we like is "ESL Worksheets and Activities for Kids" by Miryoung Pitts, it doesn't have to be this one but something like this would be great)
3. ELL Flash cards (For learning letters or numbers)
4. Blank flash cards
5. Childrens books to practice reading
6. Pens, pencils, crayons, markers
7. Misc. Toys, Stickers, or something fun to include in the kit
8. The languages we work with the most are: Kinyarwanda, Dari (Farsi), Pashto, Swahili, and Arabic. So if there are any language specific materials you could provide those would be very helpful as well.
9. Ideally, we would love to have about 10-20 of these kits, there are quite a few items listed for the kits however and if you can only provide a few kits, or have to leave out a couple of items we would still really appreciate the donation. Let's make it a November to remember.

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 Every couple of months our board directors and volunteers get to share life skills and motivation with k-12 kids in various schools across Weber, Davis, Utah, and Salt Lake counties. Volunteers will have the opportunity to teach curated topics to local Utah school kids to inspire, educate and empower them to greatness. Another great resume builder for those in the social sciences and business leadership-focused majors. Working with children and mentoring opportunities come with this event.

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This is curated event where volunteers will get the chance to teach their skills to the community on a weekly or monthly basis.  Sports coaching, finance coaching, college rediness, SAT prep coaching, public speaking, project managment, photography, videography, drone piloting, coding and fashion coaching are some of the common skills we have found to be most sort after and relevant to these kids. This could be targeted to both children and adults(parents) depending on the skill level required. Some proposed ideas in the past have included, paint night, BBQ class, dance class, drone flight course to children etc.

Flying a Drone


This program gives students with strong academic backgrounds, professionals, and accomplished individuals in the community the opportunity to mentor children and youth. Volunteers will have the opportunity to help children with their homework after school and teach them sports and other life skills that are desperately needed by these kids from low-income and marginalized communities. 

Teacher and Young Student


This is where we gather our biggest funding for our major projects across the globe. In Utah, we focus on our Junior Achievement, Skillshare, and dance projects. Internationally, we are currently working in Ghana and Kenya to 1) install a playground 2) furnish a library with 500 books 3) install a computer lab 4) provide backpacks and school supplies 5) take volunteers to Ghana to teach inspiring workshops to children k-12. This is generally where more hands-on-deck will be needed. From graphic design artists to social media campaign managers. Volunteers will have various real-life experiences that could be leveraged in their careers. Roles include but are not limited to Management, program building, team coordination, content writing, media, and print design, campaign strategy, planning and execution, interpersonal communications, goal setting, and fulfillment. Fundraising opportunities are amazing opportunities to become a part of something great while contributing to a good cause.

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