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A charity awareness campaign event that offers dance lessons from internationally trained dance instructors in the Latin and afro dance disciplines: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Zouk, and Samba, FORRO and Tango. 

We started a campaign several months ago to create awareness for the lack of access to quality education amongst these deprived communities. Using dancing and dance instructions as a platform.


 Currently serving the adult population from Weber, Davis, Utah, and Salt Lake counties. We have partnered with Lila Studio, EM dance company in Ogden, Duvin Pintor Art Gallery, and Tushar Brazilian restaurant to offer classes to folks who live in the various counties. Volunteers will receive dance instructions that can prepare them to teach other courses in their various communities. This is a resume builder that will open doors of opportunity to anyone seeking to become a dance instructor in a professional setting. Share your skills with the dance community and help the dance community grow. For non-dancers, this will offer great lessons that will give exposure. We are presently seeking dance spaces where we can cater to the children and youth after school or on weekends. Suggestions and ideas are welcomed. Currently seeking volunteer assistance to help us plan and expand our reach to various underserved communities in Utah as well.

Dance project (3).png

We are looking forward to seeing you this and every Thursday in class

Time: 8:00pm – 11:00 pm
Location: TUESDAY Duvin Pintor Art Gallery, Trolley Square, SLC.



If you're interested in sponsoring the DREAM ON Gala or would like to make an in-kind contribution to the auction, contact Sheila Carrion at

All funds go to provide hope and access to quality education to young children, youth and their families through comprehensive educational support. 

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