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It is our belief that children everywhere should have the inalienable right to recieve the best of quality education. We make a solemn pledge to facilitate this dream.


Kenya has transformed the classrooms into vibrant, inspiring spaces. With fresh paint, colorful murals, new furniture, and modern teaching aids, the once dilapidated rooms now buzz with enthusiasm. Teachers and students alike are reenergized, embracing a dynamic learning environment that promises a brighter future for education at the school.



Desk donations make a profound impact in classrooms, revolutionizing the learning environment for students.  We provided over 60 desks to students who were sitting on the classroom floors to study. These contributions go beyond mere furniture, offering students a comfortable and dedicated space to engage with their studies. With adequate desks, students can focus better, participate actively, and organize their materials effectively, fostering a conducive atmosphere for learning. This simple yet significant provision empowers students to concentrate on their education, enhancing their overall academic experience and setting the stage for a brighter future.

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ICT (Information and Communication Technology) training for teachers brings an array of benefits that enhance their teaching methods and overall classroom experience. We introduce the RACHEL router and ICT training to teachers. Educators with tech skills are able to make learning engaging, broaden access to resources, and improve efficiency in managing tasks. Ultimately, it prepares students for a tech-driven world, fostering innovation and critical thinking.

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A social dancing platform with the purpose of building and healing the  community while  spreading joy to participants  through dance. We create awareness for the lack of access to quality education amongst these deprived communities. Using dancing and dance instructions as a platform.   Follow our  instagram and facebook pages :

 @ dance4acauseutah

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The Dreamers Wish Foundation's new STEAM center at Mijomboni Primary School in Kenya is a beacon for 1200 students seeking to delve into Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. This hub offers 19 laptop computers with a RACHEL router to provide Remote Access to Hotspot for Education and Learning via World Impossible. This interactive tech will be used by teachers to teach. The lab will provide creative spaces, inspiring a passion for discovery and innovation. It's a transformative space preparing students for a future where knowledge and creativity merge seamlessly.



Donated books are a game-changer for schools, offering students more than just knowledge—they unlock new worlds. These contributions broaden horizons, fuel curiosity, and build crucial literacy skills. They empower students, fostering a love for learning that lasts a lifetime and setting them on a path to success.



Physical education and sports offer numerous benefits. They improve physical health, teach life skills like teamwork and leadership, and enhance mental well-being by reducing stress. Our volunteers encourage and teach students to play volley and soccer. With proper coaching they are able to manage themselves and learn leadership skills as well as teamworkl. Moreover, they foster social connections and a sense of community, contributing to holistic development.



A heartfelt thank you extends to all the dedicated volunteers whose support has been instrumental in advancing projects at Mijomboni Primary School in Kenya. Your unwavering commitment and selfless efforts have brought invaluable contributions to our initiatives, transforming the school's landscape and enriching the learning experience for the students. Your time, skills, and passion have made a tangible difference, instilling hope and creating a brighter future for the entire school community. Your dedication is truly appreciated and continues to inspire us all. Thank you for being an essential part of our journey toward positive change.

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