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We are excited to welcome Let's Roam as our newest partners and are grateful for their willingness to support our mission.

Let’s Roam helps people explore their surroundings, connect with others, propose to their partners, take corporate events outdoors and raise thousands of dollars for charity.

What Is A Let’s Roam Scavenger Hunt? They focus on connection through exploration, creating new ways for people to see the world, create memorable experiences and meet new people. Their mission is to help people discover new things, and explore the world.

So far, these scavenger hunts have spread to over 300 cities around the world, enjoyed by thousands of adventurous travelers and hometown explorers.On each scavenger hunt, questions, facts and photo challenges are tied together with a smartphone app.

Everyone works together to answer questions, learn about their surroundings and take quirky team photos. Charlie and Mike, alongside their ever-growing team, work behind the scenes to enhance the scavenger hunt experience every day.

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