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A beautiful project to put smiles on 100 kids' faces simply by painting and adding a touch of art to their school buildings. With about a 75% recorded dropout rate from NICEF 2019 report, our goal with this project is to get as many children to attend a school activity such as this one. By attending a school event, we hope to increase the retention rate by 25% as this will give the children a sense of pride and ownership through their art on the buildings. Most artworks are educational and turn out to teach kids the power of expression. Painting is done by volunteers and the kids.

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This project is geared towards bringing volunteers and taking them to rural areas to teach and
assist teachers and the community in rural areas. Text books, exercise books, stationery and
other educational tools are given out to kids and schools to aid education. We encourage the
children to write stories and practice creative writing. Some of these stories will be shared with
our donors to inspire the impact they make.

Image by Ben White

SANTA'S SHOE BOX - A Christmas give away

In collaboration with Dream feet Foundation, we collect and donate shoes, clothing, socks, and other materials kids need for school. These
items are placed in a community box to be delivered by Santa on Christmas day in the rural
regions of the Ashanti, Eastern, and Northern Regions where children have very little access to
modern facilities, proper clothing, and care. Santa visits less privileged kids who don’t even
dream of receiving a gift during Christmas. It’s a dream come true for these kids as gifts from
collected donations are given out during this festive season.


smile in health

A project in rural areas specifically based on health screening and checks. Supplying  basic drug care and education on basic health issues. Activities include: 

  • Health Screenings*

  • Blood pressure

  • Fitness assessments

  • Vision testing

  • Demonstrations and Activities

  • Healthy cooking demonstrations (and tasting)

  • Proper lifting techniques

  • Help families choose healthier lifestyles. 

  • Reduce the health risk factors of the community members. 

  • Increase employees’ and family members’ use of preventive health services. 

  • Reduce (or slow the growth of) health care costs to employees and the organization. 

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