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"It is our belief that children everywhere should have the inalienable right to recieve the best of quality education. We make a solemn pledge to facilitate this dream."



Purpose: Empower young minds to  become self-aware  and confident through developing skills in creative writing and the art of compelling storytelling

Target audience: kids 6-18

Location Follow our instagram for updates

IG: Dreamerswishfounation



We teach a free weekly dance class to kids in the local communities in salt lake county. Dance classes include Latin, country, afrobeat, and jazz.

Purpose: empower young minds to become self-aware  and confident through developing skills in the creative art of dance

Target audience: kids 6-18

Location: Kearns Library - contact for details

Date: TBD - contact for details

Follow our instagram page for updates. 

IG: Dreamerswishfoudation

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Provides adult and peer-to-peer mentorship opportunities for local volunteers/changemakers to mentor youth towards college and career readiness..

Empower, Inspire, and Educate children and youth from low-income, refugee, and underprivileged communities to make greatness out of their situation. We will teach empowering workshops and life skills needed to succeed in life.

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dance 4 a cause

A social dancing platform with the purpose of building and healing the  community while  spreading joy to participants  through dance. We create awareness for the lack of access to quality education amongst these deprived communities. Using dancing and dance instructions as a platform.   Follow our  instagram and facebook pages :

 @ dance4acauseutah

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Through our partners like the International Rescue Committee, we work with the Refugee Youth and Education coordinators to organize campaigns to raise backpacks & school supplies for kids from Utah's low-income, refugee, and underserved communities.



In partnership with the Fathers and Families Coalition and Utah Neighborhood Partners- hartland, students will have access to the education centers to get help with their homework and also participate in several programs available to keep them Inspired and educated.



Provides youth the opportunity to practice and hone key skills including social, emotional, cognitive, and physical. In partnership with FCCU, youth will have the opportunity to take up real jobs that will give them the necessary business skills they need to prepare them for a career.



This is our first annual Christmas service project for our refugee families in Utah. We want to make Christmas ornaments and Christmas cards for those families whose lives have been impacted by war or some misfortune. We believe in the spirit of giving and showing love to one another. We would love to bring Christmas cheer to some of these families by making and donating a Christmas package we create together and deliver to them Dec 20-Dec 22. There is no limit to what you can make. Come help us make a different in the lives of the many refugee families.



We currently serve Dadome Primary secondary school in Mepe, Volta region of Ghana, and Mijomborni Primary School in Kenya. Our changemakers travel to these rural village schools and spend  7 days working on refurbishing classrooms through wall paintings, window and door repairs as well all general construction on buildings.  We add a touch of art to their school buildings. With about a recorded 75%  dropout rate from NICEF 2019 report, our goal with this project is to get as many children to gain a sense of belonging and pride in their schools and environment. Activities such as this one have been known to increase the retention rate by 25%. As this will give the children a sense of pride and ownership through their art on the buildings. Most artworks are educational and turn out to teach kids the power of expression. Painting is done by volunteers and the kids.

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School Essentials

In collaboration with Dream feet Foundation, we collect and donate shoes, clothing, socks, and other materials kids need for school. These
items are placed in a community box to be delivered by Santa on Christmas day in the rural
regions of the Ashanti, Eastern, and Northern Regions where children have very little access to
modern facilities, proper clothing, and care. Santa visits less privileged kids who don’t even
dream of receiving a gift during Christmas. It’s a dream come true for these kids as gifts from
collected donations are given out during this festive season.



We are thrilled to announce the establishment of new playgrounds for children in Ghana and Kenya, aiming to create safe and joyful spaces for their growth and development. These playgrounds will provide countless opportunities for children to engage in active play, foster social interaction, and stimulate their imagination.

In collaboration with local communities, organizations, and generous donors, we have embarked on this initiative to address the need for accessible play areas in underserved regions. By installing well-designed play structures and equipment, we seek to promote physical fitness, enhance cognitive skills, and nurture social bonds among children.

These playgrounds will serve as vital hubs for children to unleash their creativity, explore their physical abilities, and build lifelong friendships. We believe that every child deserves the chance to play, learn, and thrive in a safe and inclusive environment.

Through this project, we aim to contribute to the overall well-being of children in Ghana and Kenya, supporting their holistic development. We express our gratitude to all the supporters and partners who have joined hands with us in making these playgrounds a reality.



Coming Next Summer to Kenya. Join our team to learn how you can volunteer.

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We organize campaigns to raise backpacks for kids from Utah's low-income, refugee, and underserved communities.



This project is geared towards bringing volunteers and taking them to rural areas to teach and
assist teachers and the community in rural areas. Text books, exercise books, stationery and
other educational tools are given out to kids and schools to aid education. We encourage the
children to write stories and practice creative writing. Some of these stories will be shared with
our donors to inspire the impact they make.

Image by Ben White

Computer Lab installation

There are 600 school children in Mepe-Ghana without access to technology. The school is on the grid, which makes it easy for us to install a computer lab. We intend to install 20 computers and  1 printer to serve the school's administration and students. We seek to close the digital divide in third-world countries. We provide an authentic learning experience with a good dose of dopamine. Volunteers will work with other organizations to supply the schools with 20 laptop/desktop computers with pre-installed software to teach and allow the children to interact with the hardware and learn about the software. 

Using the Computer


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