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Volunteer to teach children in some of the worl'ds most beautiful and remote locations where schools are often lacking teachers or limited in resources.


As a non-profit organisation, we collect funds towards our various projects conducted annually. We rely on these funds to help provide for the organisational and operational expenses. We use these funds to pay for the materials needed to build/repar/refurbish old and dilapidated school buildings. Funds cover the costs of paint, cement bags, labor and transportation as well as material provisions that aid in the success of our construction and teaching projects. 


  • Free T-shirts and swags

  • Invitation to monthly volunteer luncheons and special group meetups

  • Invitation to speaking events, both locally and international

  • Tax write-offs if not reimbursed

  •  Leadership certificate

  • Career development

  • Travel with volunteer groups in a cheerful and fun environment.

  • Ownership of your group process if proven successful

  • Make an impact in the world 

  • Become a better person

Let's Work Together

Watch the video about how our volunteers supported our success in Ghana

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