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VOLUNTEER With Children

Volunteer to teach children in some of the world's most beautiful and remote locations where schools are often lacking teachers or limited in resources.


Volunteering abroad with children is a great way to add to children’s education, health and well-being, and future employability on a global scale. When you volunteer with children, you’re a part of equipping them with life-long skills that will help build on their progress in school and in life. 


As a volunteer, you’ll assist in supporting local staff in their day-to-day activities at a center. This could include:

  • facilitating English language lessons 

  • assisting children in completing their homework 

  • reading with children

  • organizing sport and craft sessions.


Are there benefits for the volunteer? Yes, volunteering with children is bound to have a big impact on you, too. How? Well, every dreamers wish foundation program promises that you’ll make an impact, improve your employability, and be supported before, during, and after your volunteer experience. And, this foundation paves the way for you to add to your personal and professional development in meaningful ways while volunteering with children


DWF volunteers participate in volunteer programs around the world. This program contributes towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Why does this matter? Well, this means that our activities are aimed at the most relevant global issues. And, by collaborating with local communities, DWF is able to offer you a meaningful experience abroad where you can make a real impact in building on childhood development globally.


Providing children with a stable and consistent learning experience is key, sustainability is a vital part of all our volunteer work with children. For this reason, when you take part in volunteer work with children abroad, you’ll work with local teachers in community-led initiatives. This ensures that, even if volunteers come and go, volunteer work doesn’t disrupt classes or have a negative impact on children’s learning.



  • Free T-shirts and swags

  • Invitation to monthly volunteer luncheons and special group meetups

  • Invitation to speaking events, both locally and international

  • Tax write-offs if not reimbursed

  •  Leadership certificate

  • Career development

  • Travel with volunteer groups in a cheerful and fun environment.

  • Ownership of your group process if proven successful

  • Make an impact in the world 

  • Become a better person


Let's Work Together

Watch the video about how our volunteers supported our success in Ghana