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Welcome to the Dreamers Wish foundation Volunteerism program. If you are reading this then it is likely that you already know what volunteerism is all about. Volunteers on our programs stand to benefit from opportunities for personal and professional development. Volunteers will earn a certificate of leadership after successfully completing the course. If you are ready to become a volunteer with our 7-day volunteerism abroad program then you are welcome to choose a program focus and join us on our next adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question No. 1

Do You provide any training for the trip?

Absolutely . After you sign up for a trip you will be given access to a training portal that will get you ready . All details explained including packing list items needed, safety tips, food tips, clothing tips, etc. 

Question No. 2

What does the trip include/not include?



Most meals - Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner 

All hotel accommodation 

All fees to parks and attractions

Water bottles

Professional videographer and photographer

Visa fee($90 or $50)



Flight(usually ranges from $1000-$1500)

Insurance(purchased with your airline)



Two covid tests(one going and another returning)


Question No. 3

Will i be eaten by an Elephant in the Safari?

Absolutely Not.  

Question No. 4

Are shots required?

Yes, Ghana requires all visitors to be vaccinated against COVID and also receive a yellow fever shot which can be gotten at any health clinic in the united states. We recommend taking malaria and other international travel health pills for good measure 

Question No. 5

How long is the flight?

17 hours through JFK from Utah.

Question No. 6

Where do we stay?

We stay at hotels and Air BNB's with Wifi internet access that may not be reliable and fast. Plan with your phone carriers to purchase plans for upgraded speeds if needed. 

Question No. 7

What Types of Projects have been done on Trips?

School refurbishing

Donating School bag packs

Donating Teaching supplies

Donating shoes

Painting classrooms

Installing murals on water tanks, classrooms, and school building.

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Question No. 8

What Types of Projects are we doing on this Fall Trip?

School refurbishing

Hosting workshops to empower girls and boys

Hosting workshops to train teachers

Furnishing libraries with books

Leadership training for teachers

Installing computers for a computer lab

Repairing classroom floors

Donating Schoolbag packs

Donating Teaching supplies

Donating shoes

Painting classrooms

Installing murals on water tanks, classrooms, and school buildings. 

Question No. 9

Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely. We have activities for all ages to participate in making a difference in the lives of the children in the community.