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Participants on other volunteer abroad projects can still work on improving their business skills while contributing towards a positive impact. For example, you might work on your cross-cultural communication skills while teaching English to adults looking to improve their ability to engage with international visitors. This helps them to access greater employment opportunities and assists them in building or growing their own businesses. 

TEach Business SKills and help the organisation 

Business knowledge comes with the application of theoretical skills that could come to use while volunteering abroad. While this might not seem like an obvious choice., business volunteering is growing in popularity. The reason for this is that one of the biggest drivers of social change is business growth. Volunteers will have the opportunity to share knowledge and actual data that could be analyzed and used to help prepare children for the real world and educators to streamline their teaching skills and methodologies. In fact, the first UN Sustainable Development Goal for business is  No Poverty

Become an INTERN

Becoming a business intern with Dreamers wish foundation offers you an alternative to gaining office-based experience. You’ll get the chance to learn industry-specific skills directly from the field. Business internships offer you the chance to improve your skills in the following areas:

  • project management

  • workshop design and delivery

  • communications and social media

  • lesson planning.


  • Free T-shirts and swags

  • Invitation to monthly volunteer luncheons and special group meetups

  • Invitation to speaking events, both locally and international

  • Tax write-offs if not reimbursed

  •  Leadership certificate

  • Career development

  • Travel with volunteer groups in a cheerful and fun environment.

  • Ownership of your group process if proven successful

  • Make an impact in the world 

  • Become a better person

Let's Work Together

Volunteers are the fuel that runs the engines of hope and service.

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