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Over 1000 kids sit on the cold dirty floors in their school uniforms each day to study. With your help we can transform the classrooms into safe and healthy spaces for kids to study. We repair floors , windows, and walls . We also install grills and doors to keep the kids safe.  We then plaster the walls and paint them to create a great enviroment to education. 

Help Refurbish Classrooms for kids

  • 📚✨ Support Needed for Classroom Refurbishment! Help Transform Learning Spaces 🌍

    🌟 Investing in Better Learning Environments!

    Dadome DA Basic School in Ghana and Mijomboni Primary School in Kenya need our support for classroom refurbishments. Let's create inspiring and conducive spaces for these young learners!

    How You Can Help: Your contributions or connections to resources for refurbishing classrooms will directly impact the educational journey of these children. Together, let's create comfortable and vibrant learning spaces!

    🚀 Transforming Futures Through Education! Join us in making a meaningful difference in these kids' lives. Reach out or comment below to learn how you can contribute to this transformative initiative.

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