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"It is our belief that children everywhere should have the inalienable right to recieve the best of quality education. We make a solemn pledge to facilitate this dream."


Our volunteers have worked wonders at Dadome DA Basic School, completely transforming its classrooms. With their dedication and hard work, these spaces have been revitalized from mere rooms into vibrant hubs of learning. Fresh coats of paint, new educational materials, and a welcoming atmosphere now greet students each day, fostering an environment ripe for exploration and growth. The impact of these volunteers' efforts is felt in every corner, inspiring a newfound enthusiasm for education among students and teachers alike. There is still more to be done.

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he impact of providing backpacks and school supplies to K-12 kids is profound and far-reaching. Beyond the practicality of carrying books and materials, these essentials instill a sense of pride and readiness for learning. For many children, having their own backpacks filled with necessary supplies signifies stability and equal access to education. It not only eases the financial burden on families but also boosts students' confidence and enthusiasm for school. These seemingly simple items create an environment where students feel supported, empowered, and equipped to excel academically, setting the stage for their success in the classroom and beyond.

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ICT (Information and Communication Technology) training for teachers brings an array of benefits that enhance their teaching methods and overall classroom experience. We will be introducing  the RACHEL router and ICT training to teachers. Educators with tech skills are able to make learning engaging, broaden access to resources, and improve efficiency in managing tasks. Ultimately, it prepares students for a tech-driven world, fostering innovation and critical thinking.



The newly constructed playground at Dadome Basic School isn't just about fun—it's a strategic effort to entice children to school while merging play with learning. This vibrant space, equipped with swings, slides, and colorful structures, aims to engage kids in playful activities that seamlessly integrate educational elements. Beyond fostering physical activity and friendships, it serves as a dynamic learning environment. The goal is not only to create moments of joy and exploration but also to attract children to school, enticing them with a space where play and learning intertwine harmoniously, setting the stage for a holistic educational experience.

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Hygiene kits and workshops provided to teen girls at Dadome DA Basic School have become pivotal in nurturing their well-being and confidence. These kits, equipped with essential hygiene items, empower these young women by ensuring their personal care needs are met. Beyond the physical support, the accompanying workshops offer crucial education on hygiene practices and menstrual health, breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of understanding and comfort. This initiative not only promotes good health but also boosts self-esteem, allowing these girls to navigate adolescence with dignity and confidence, ensuring they can focus on their education without the added worries about hygiene.

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Physical education and sports offer numerous benefits. They improve physical health, teach life skills like teamwork and leadership, and enhance mental well-being by reducing stress. Our volunteers encourage and teach students to play volley and soccer. With proper coaching they are able to manage themselves and learn leadership skills as well as teamworkl. Moreover, they foster social connections and a sense of community, contributing to holistic development.

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